Job Search Tips


Job Search Tips

Networking is the process of establishing relationships with people who can directly or indirectly assist you in finding a suitable job. Networking helps you to successfully uncover opportunities in the “Hidden Job Market” – jobs that are not advertised or otherwise announced.

Hidden Job Market Graph Did you know that between 60 to 80% OF ALL JOBS ARE NEVER ADVERTISED?
They are secured as a result of networking in the hidden job market.

Methods of accessing the hidden job market:

– Personal and professional contacts
– Professional associations
– Conferences and seminars
– Internal job postings
– Information interviews (where you contact a prospective employer to learn more about the organization).

As part of your networking efforts, it is useful to prepare a 30 Second Summary that will allow you, within 30 seconds, to convey the following about yourself:

– Who you are
– What you are seeking
– What you have to offer


“My name is John Smith. I am a mechanical engineering technician. I am seeking a position within a machine shop environment. I have 10 years of direct experience in this field.”

“My name is Julie Jones. I am an advertising sales executive. I am seeking a senior sales opportunity that can utilize my extensive experience working within new and emerging media technologies.”

Your contacts can help you best when you are clear about what you are seeking and what you have to offer.