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For maximum results with your LinkedIn profile development, please see section below for useful tips:

For job seekers in Dallas, LinkedIn Profile Writing is available for a vast array of career and employment areas!

Our LinkedIn profile writers develop well-branded, interview-winning LinkedIn profiles.

As part of our LinkedIn Profile Development services, we help with:

Developing Your LinkedIn Summary:
The “Summary” section of your LinkedIn profile is a vital part of your LinkedIn presence. Your LinkedIn writer will develop a summary that grabs attention and gets readers excited about reviewing the rest of your profile.  Your LinkedIn writer will use keywords in the summary as they also play a key role in helping prospective employers and recruiters find you on LinkedIn.

Selecting Your Industry:
When employers conduct a search in LinkedIn, they will see your photo, headline, location, and industry. That’s why we choose an industry that represents you well.

Creating Your Unique LinkedIn URL:
By default, LinkedIn assigns you a URL with random numbers and letters. We will customize your LinkedIn profile link with an easy-to-read website address that will help employers remember and find you on LinkedIn.

Selecting Your LinkedIn Profile Photo:
We will also help you select your LinkedIn profile photo as it is the first thing likely to be seen on your profile. Choosing the right image and professional tone for your industry is critical.

Critiquing Your Current LinkedIn Profile:
Dallas Resume Writing will review and critique your existing LinkedIn profile, if you have one, to demonstrate how your new profile will market you more effectively to employers.

Keyword Optimization:
To ensure the best possible recognition by software scanning systems so commonly used by today’s Human Resources departments, we will insert relevant industry and career keywords – they are the words that a prospective employer would search for when trying to find someone like you.

For maximum results with your LinkedIn profile development, here are some useful tips:

1. Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile is Complete. First impressions make all the difference. Ensure you’ve made your profile as complete as possible. Also, your LinkedIn profile will usually rank high in Google search results for your name, so it’s best that your profile is accurate and up-to-date.

Bonus Tip #1: Your LinkedIn profile should complement your resume. Be sure your branding message is consistent and cohesive. Recruiters and hiring managers may Google you and compare the two.

2. Grow Your Connections.  You can use LinkedIn to grow the network of people you know. You can choose to connect selectively, accepting invitations only from those you know and trust. You can also connect with people you meet through Groups.

Bonus Tip #2: You can take advantage of the exponential power of networking. The larger your network, the easier it will be to connect with those you do not know yet.

3. Give To Get. Recommendations can make the difference in attracting the right employers with your LinkedIn profile. Choose a small number of people in your network and write Recommendations for them without asking for one in return. You will be amazed at the number of genuine recommendations that will be generated for you.

Bonus Tip #3: Make sure your Recommendations are specific and detailed.

4. Get Involved. Join LinkedIn Groups of interest to you.  Aim for moderated Groups. There are a vast array of Groups available including those related to industry associations, trade groups, and much, much more.

Bonus Tip #4: One way to establish yourself as an expert on LinkedIn is to start your own Group.

Remember, as your LinkedIn profile is a “living document”, it should be updated regularly with new projects, activities, and information.

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